Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids Are Home From Korea!

Well my little girl, who grew up sometime along the way, is home! Her and her lovely family made it home from Korea! They have been living in Korea for 2 years! Son-in-law is in the Army. He has been serving our country. Yes! He is one of the many men and women we should be proud of and thank!

They are back here in the states for a few years. Or should I say hopefully he is back for a few years. You never know with the way things are going. But yes, we are praying he will be here for a few years.

The babies are so big now! My best favorite grand girl is 6 1/2, and don't forget the 1/2. My best favorite grand boy is 13 months. Whew! You will be crazy at the end of the day! They will keep you busy.

Today I counted 10 diapers just from grand boy! Only one stinky! The rest from so much juice! I think Son-in-law needs a pay raise just to buy diapers!

The mommy and daddy have been having some much needed time away from the kids on some far away tropical island. I tried and tried to get luggage duty but I got grand kid duty. I do not know how that happened.

Thank God Son-in-law has a brother and sister and they are both married because with out those two and their spouses... YES! I would have been beyond crazy!

You forget what 6 1/2 is like! Structure, structure and more structure is all I need! Is that a Beetles song?

Mommy and Daddy will be home tomorrow!

They have about 7 days to rest up and then off to their new post. Boy will I miss the 4 of them! But I sure am welcoming the silence!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Back From Traveling

Well, I have been out and about! I am home and glad to be home. I drove to the Mississippi Delta for an extended weekend. Whew! What a hot weekend! HUMID! It was nice! I went fishing and caught my very first "ever" fish! I out fished the boy sector! Yes! I did! 5, yes 5 fishes! 4 were on the small side the 5th was a 2lb Cat fish!

I came home for a day and slept and hit the road for a daddy daughter road trip to Southern California. Yep, 1,500 miles along side Old "Route 66". Not to mention we were governed at 62 mph across country until we got to the California highways and then it was 55 mph. Yes, my daddy is a safety conscious guy. We got there safe and sound!

The weather was great! No HUMIDITY! I love California weather! Home sweet home! No! I got with in a 1/2 mile of the beach! So close but so far away! I did not ask. I did not want to put anybody out.

I got home and was so glad to get home and guess what? Went to the doctor and yes, the lady I sat next to on the plane...she was wrong! She was still contagious with her BRONCHITIS cough, cough, cough!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! That is how I feel now!

So now it is my turn to have a fever, be miserable and hack up fur balls. But oh yes, the daddy daughter road trip was great! He and I both had a blast.

Nope, I did not even get yelled at once!!!!!!!!!!

Fabulously yours,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let Me Explain Such a Lost Girl

Let me explain what "Such a Lost Girl" is all about. It is not sad!
It is a good thing! I am at a point in my life where I need to find me.

I am the middle child of three. I am and have always been a peace maker. I always
want to take care of people and make things better for everybody. I do not usally
have an opinion about things.

So, I am embarking on finding me!

Isn't this exciting!

So many things to explore and find out! You can come along for the ride if you like!

Fabulously Yours,